Seeking Long Term Happiness

Escrito el 17/01/2022

What is the key to ultimate happiness? An accomplished career? Finding your soulmate? Being spiritually sound? Many people claim to have found the key and are willing to share it with the rest of the world (for a hefty price tag sometimes!), but what happens when you try this “solution” and it doesn’t work? Are you doomed to an unfulfilling life void of the well-deserved joy every good person should be entitled to?

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all, immediately gratifying solution that I can enlighten you with, but I can say that a frantic search for fulfillment will probably not do the trick. The truth is, usually the things that we think will make us happy are not actually what we truly reality most of us have no idea what we really “need”, but instead have ideals of perfect realities we would like to imitate.

Instead of spending your days trying to find what’s “missing”, try concentrating instead on what’s there.  Gratitude and appreciation for what you have can really turn things around and have been shown to evoke lasting happiness, rather than short-term, temporary fixes that may even leave you feeling worse in the end.

Make a promise to start and end your day with a minute or two of reflective thinking to acknowledge the good things that have or will take place—thoughts about what must be done or what you desire are not allowed. Once you start appreciating the good around you and stop longing for what you don’t have, you will start to notice a drastic shift in your overall level of satisfaction.


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