Building Your Strength from Critics

Escrito el 17/01/2022

If you are looking to achieve some personal evolvement and improvement, you must come to to terms with the fact that constructive criticism is a good thing. Nobody enjoys being criticized, often times it makes us feel bad. But in order to progress in our personal and professional lives, we must learn to accept it.


What is your first reaction to criticism? Do you, like most people, turn to defense mode? It's easy to put up our guard when someone tries to tell us something that even if it’s for our own good, is not the most easy thing to hear.


In order to achieve personal and/or professional achievements in whatever you do, you must avoid responding negatively to criticism and start learning to listen.


Listen to the critics and consider their words precious. Use them to learn, grow, and do things better. Of course, we are not always judged fairly or appropriately, so some criticism can be less than valuable, but accepting it anyways is an important skill to have.


Those who have the ability to receive and accept critics will have a definite edge over others in achieving success. To learn to accept criticism, one must be able to create a positive environment from criticism-related negativity. It’s normal to want to protect yourself first, then to retaliate in return—being aware of this type of reaction and keeping a certain distance from it is crucial.


Always give yourself time to evaluate the critics and honestly try to understand if there is some truth to their words. Responding instantly to criticism is negative on your part and will not get you anywhere.


Criticism is an opportunity to take a fresh look at your performance from another perspective. Take advantage and make the improvements where you can to reach greater heights.


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